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coin ecran cartesurtable eMapZone is a software for preparing a trip on any map picture (from a scanner, for instance). The course is entered with the mouse with successive clicks, and can be easily edited. The input of altitudes on some points allows calculating the total elevation and getting directly an elevation profile. Beacons can be created to represent fixed points (marker, waypoints) off the course.
Maps can be calibrated in a geographical way, offering a universal representation of points and beacons.
With the GPS transmission features, the data can exchanged with a GPS unit, and real time navigation can be achieved directly on the map.
Hiking, mountain biking, cycling, running, equitation, boating... everywhere on Earth!
26/02/2013 – Version available
07/02/2011 – Now Freeware
25/02/2007 – English internet site update
20/02/2007 – Magellan GPS with USB port supported in beta version
31/05/2006 – Version 4.3 is available.

Main features   Important information  
Data: Map picture format BMP, JPG, GIF, TIF, PNG · Geographical or local map calibration · Display, edition of coordinates, altitude, colors while editing the course · Direct computation of total length, positive and negative elevation, minimal, maximal, average altitudes, area · Printing of the map and the trip at any scale, selectable  · Elevation curve with slope or altitude depending colors · Elevation curve printing at any scale · Out of course beacons with several symbol sets · Notes and/or picture association to points or beacons · Routes notes · Magnifying glass · Viewing of other routes · Duration computer · Systems: Calibration with referential or N-point · More than 100 datums available · Grids: UTM, French Lambert, Swiss, British, Belgium Lambert, Dutch RD · Map list with automatic map change · Any grid overlay · GPS: Communication with Garmin GPS or Magellan GPS, USB or serial port · Track LOG and Waypoints transfer · Multi route creation · Real time navigation in Garmin or NMEA mode, showing position and speed vector · Misc.: Colors, appearances, palettes options · Main unit systems (metric, US, nautical) · 3D view OpenGL · Import data from: chitGPS, GPSTrack, PCX5, GPSU, OZIExplorer, NMEA, Cetus, IGN Rando, MapInfo, GPX, CartoNav, O2Bikers, GPS Trackdata · Export data to: HTML, text, GPSTrack, PCX5, GPX, vector and bitmap images  
  • Software for PC / Windows 95 98 ME NT 2000 XP Vista 7
  • Does not work under Linux, Mac, PDA. For Pocket PC, have a look at chtiGPS.
  • No map is delivered with the product
  • GPS and geographical calibration are optional
  • eMapZone is a Freeware
  • Software is not sent on CD-ROM
  • Application does not need an internet connection to run

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